Post-Graduation in High Performance Football Coaching

This professional master programme is stuctured in 8 modules. Each module consists of a full board immersive procedure that is experienced in 4 consecutive and intensive days. Module contents are drilled progressively, from groundwork fundations to advanced professional competencies of football coaching.
Wholehearted emphasis on clear-cut teaching-learning methodologies will allow students to engage in a transformational experience that will profoundly change their perspectives and uniquely set apart their career skills.

Coordination: António Veloso | José Mourinho
Professors/Lecturers: Anna Volossovich, António Veloso, Chistopher Carling, Duarte Araújo, Francisco Silveira Ramos,Hugo Folgado, João Brito, José Gomes Pereira, José Mourinho, Júlio Garganta, Leonel Pontes, Miguel Cardoso, Óscar Tojo, Pedro Marques, Pedro Mil-Homens, Ricardo Duarte, Sidónio Serpa, Tiago Maia (other names to be confirmed)


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