Master in Sport Management

Official duration

Years: 2      Semesters: 4      ECTS Credits: 120


To enhance and develop a set of knowledge gained from the intersection of Sport Sciences with Management Science, by means of the development of a multidisciplinary curriculum contextualized to the world of sport, besides providing tools for intervention on sports bodies.

Technical staff developing their professional action in the context of sport management in various bodies of public or private administration, namely those working for public and private institutions related to sport; presidents, technical directors, and secretaries of sports federations, clubs general and sport managers, as well as students from different Degrees, are, among others, the possible applicants to this course.


Abel Hermínio Lourenço Correia, Ph.D.

Adjunct Coordinator
Ana Maria Peixoto Naia, Ph.D.

Scientific Area

The predominant scientific area of the course is Sport Management, and the course is organized in only one scientific area: Sociology, Cultural Studies and Management of Physical Activities and Sports (SEG) - 120 ECTS.

Study Plan
  • In the 1st year of the course, in each semester, the student will complete the compulsory course units, plus two from the elective course units available, with a total 30 Ects/sem.
  • In the end of the 1st year, the students have to decide about the type of Master conclusion they will choose.
  • In the 2nd year of the course, 1st semester, the students will complete all the course units (30 Ects). The 2nd semester is devoted to the Master conclusion, according to the option chosen the year before.

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Quantitative limitations
  • Numerus clausus: 30
  • Minimum number of student enrolled required to enable the course opening: 15
  • Number of vacancies primarily allocated for Higher Education lecturers: 2
  • Number of vacancies primarily allocated for applicants from Portuguese speaking countries: 6
  • Number of vacancies allocated for applicants graduated in the special period of examinations to complete the undergraduate course: 4
  • Number of vacancies allocated for the attendance of isolated course units: 5in any course unit, except for Dissertation.

Selection Jury: Carlos Colaço, Ph.D. (President),Abel Correia, Ph.D., and Luís Miguel Cunha, Ph.D. (members)

Accreditation Jury: Abel Correia, Ph.D. (President), Ana Naia, Ph.D., and José Domingos Carvalhais, Ph.D. (members)

Specific admission requirements | Ranking Criteria

Preferred area of Degree: Sport Sciences

a) Overall result of the academic Degree:

  • Applicants graduated in a Higher Education Institution in Sport Sciences, Sport Management or legal equivalent will be awarded the following scores:
    • 14– 4 points
    • 13– 2 points;
    • Lower than 13 – 1,5 points.
  • Applicants holders of other Degrees will be awarded the following scores:
    • 14– 3 points;
    • 13– 1,5 points;
    • Lower than 13 – 1 point.
  • Additionally, in all the above mentioned cases, 0,5 points will be awarded for each point above 14.

b) Academic, scientific, and technical curriculum – 1-5 points will be awarded, according to:

  • Specific graduate or post-graduate training/education in Sport Management;
  • Other graduate or post-graduate training/education in the area of Sport Sciences and Management;
  • Extension and relevance of the participation in research projects, seminars, conferences and other relevant events;
  • Extension and relevance of publications and scientific projects.

c) Professional experience in the area – This will be scored 1-5, according to the extension and relevance of the professional activities in the areas of Sport Sciences, Sport Managements, and Management.

Tuition Fee

Total amount: 3.200,00€ (2.240,00€ in the 1st year + 960,00€ in the 2nd year)


Course schedule

As aulas começam até 30 de setembro, pelas 18h, na sala 10C.

  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and fridays: 18H00-22H00

Erasmus Incoming